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Hear how some of the world’s best coaches have leveraged TrainHeroic to elevate their business, and their life.

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Thousands of coaches have used TrainHeroic to grow their businesses

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Paul Carter

Found personal freedom and limitless potential with online group training.


Gym Jones

Ditched their Custom App, Saved $100k, and Witnessed Raving Reviews from Clients

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Jeff LoVecchio

Dropped the Old School PDFs and Scaled a Niche Coaching Business Beyond his Wildest Dreams

Reclaim Your Personal Freedom

“TrainHeroic has changed my life. It’s given me the freedom to create and share content quickly and easily that tens of thousands of athletes and clients around the globe are able to access. Whether it’s through my online membership or with one of our mobility programs, the platform gives me the freedom and flexibility that I didn’t realize I needed so desperately.”

– Vernon Griffith

Scale Your Efforts without Working Overtime

“I wasn’t taking on any more clients so my income was basically capped. TrainHeroic gave me a path to turn my waiting list into raving fans who were happily paying a fraction of the cost of personal training to be part of our membership group.

And, because so many people were wanting and needing training, we were able to grow to thousands of members almost overnight. TrainHeroic made that possible.”

– JP Gallardo

Get Paid What You Deserve

“Before switching to TrainHeroic, I was paying 20% from each sale I made. Now I keep just about everything I sell and at the scale we’re at with thousands of athletes, that makes a massive difference each month.”

– LCK, Paragon Training Systems

Equip Your Members with the Best Tech in Training

“Our members are able to see their progress in real-time through the app. When they have questions or want to engage with our community, again, it’s all right there for them so they can get everything they need for and from their training at their fingertips.”

– Dave Spitz, California Strength

Deliver an Experience that Feels and Looks Pro

“TrainHeroic gives me a platform that lets me be me. It’s my demo videos. My coaching cues. My programming. My community. My brand. And, I’ve grown a business well beyond my expectations through the platform.”

– Maddy Forberg

Coach Like the World’s Best

“We’ve tested and tried every platform out there and we use TrainHeroic to train our special operators whether they’re on-base, down range, or at home. Our operators give us raving reviews of the tech because it’s simple and easy to use and it makes training and tracking progress fun.”

– SOCOM S&C Coach

Unlock the Tech Partner that Your Business Needs

“We wasted a ton of time, energy, and money fumbling through technology and trying to build our own app before launching our training on TrainHeroic. My only regret is that we didn’t do it much sooner.”

– Gym Jones

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