Today all organizations have immense opportunities in digital media. From Internet companies to traditional businesses, everyone can take advantage of digital opportunities.

The digital strategy provides measurable direction and measurable steps on how to use digital media to achieve the company’s vision and business objectives.The key is to define and implement the appropriate digital strategy to improve the value chain of the company.

To do this we help define the digital strategy:

  • Analysis of the external environment (competitive strategies), internal environment (strengths and assets of the company) and the customer’s value chain (purchase cycle) to detect digital opportunities.
  • Definition of the appropriate business model (subscription, online sales, collaborative platform, etc.)
  • Definition and analysis of the target market (location, language, age, etc.) We use Internet research tools (searches, trends, Web analytics, etc.).
  • Definition of the appropriate digital platform (websites, blogs, social networks, mobile applications, online marketing, emails, etc.)